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Web Design

Websites are the new business cards. Almost everybody has one. But does your website look as professional as the things you do in your profession? If not, your website does not support your reputation as it should and needs improvement. We can use the best elements of your current site, or start from scratch, to truly represent you online.
I will build your website in webflow. Among many other advantages this will make it very easy for you to maintain and quickly adapt your website by yourself, if that is what you want; or I can take care of all this for a defined periodof time, implementing the changes to the site which you wish to see.
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Logo Design

A good logo does not have to tell everything about you or your products and services. It rather serves as a visual anchor point that helps people to memorize and recognize your brand. It should communicate more about the how than about the what. It may consist of a unique way of writing your name, a characteristic graphic, or both. Logos boil down complex information into visual nuggets.
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Flyers/Posters/Business cards

First impressions matter. Not only business cards, but also flyers, postcards, posters or other fast moving print material may be what creates this first impression about you. Corporate or artistic, playful or trustworthy, modern or conservative – I will make sure your style is reflected in your print material and can be picked up at a glance.
What is more, these formats must communicate your message in an instant, so excellent readability is a must. It will be achieved by careful choice of typeface and contrast, a clear visual hierarchy, and a generous use of white space.
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I have seen hundreds of presentations at conferences, workshops and business meetings where the slides were not visual aids as they should be, but visual distractions from what the presenter had to say. Overloading the slides, lack of visual hierarchy and discrepancies between text and graphics were only some of the most frequent mistakes. A presentation with sub-optimal design is a missed opportunity to make a lasting impression on an audience that has come to hear your message.
By working through your text and visual aids, I can help you ensure that your audience will grasp your point and will remember it all the way home.
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Data Visualisation and Infographics

We live in a world of data and numbers. More data than ever are being collected, stored, analyzed, published. More than 90% of all data have been produced in the past two years ( Our scientific charts and infographics extract meaning and easy-to-understand messages from quantitative and qualitative data and reflect it clearly and correctly.
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Vector line art or low poly, watercolour or pencil style, illustrations are becoming more and more popular as graphic design elements, complementing, explaining, or merely decorating written text. Illustrations can catch your eye in a clever advertisement, grab your attention on a poster or flyer, or simply make the lay-out of a text-heavy page more pleasant to look at. I will make or find an illustration that fits your needs precisely.
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You already have an idea or maybe even a finished design for your logo, flyer, website or whatever. You like it, but also think that it may benefit from some professional polishing. I am happy to take a close look at what you already have, critique it constructively and make some specific suggestions on further improvement so that your message comes out fresh and shining.
This service is free if you ask me to implement the suggested changes.  Send me your file to review or refine now and receive a proposal within three days.
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Copy Writing / Editing

The first step to success in communication is to find exactly the right words to express your idea. Of course, your own idea is crystal clear to yourself, but can you see how your text may be understood differently by others? Let me help you by providing an outside perspective, systematically analyzing the potential for misunderstandings, and creating a copy text that will be read right to the end and understood correctly.
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Semantic Analysis

I am the inventor and co-founder of Grasp-It, a tool for making knowledge easier to grasp. To be more precise, Grasp-It is a semantic system that makes knowledge on a given topic more accessible. It does this by structuring the knowledge, reducing it to a stack of simple statements and then visualizing the semantic links between them.
With or without visualisation, such semantic analysis can be the trigger which, for your audience, turns information into true understanding, especially in the case of complex topics.

My unique offer for science and business

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Holding a Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics I am familiar with scientists' best practices of visualizing data clearly and objectively.
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As a former management strategy consultant I know how to identify and set priorities for businesses and how to align communication—verbal and visual—as well as action steps with them.
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I am passionate about graphic design since more than 30 years. Capturing the essence of an idea, product, brand, corporation or personality in words and visuals has become second nature to me.
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Design is thinking made visual.