As a freelancer, solopreneur or owner of a small enterprise you work hard every day to serve your clients.

I became a designing consultant to help you serve more clients and make better use of your time.

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You are great in what you are doing.
So why is growth so hard?

You have checked all the boxes:
  • Your own website (I can almost guarantee you paid too much for it, either in cash or in terms of hours spent on Youtube instruction videos and tech support fora - or both.)
  • Social media presence
  • Maybe even a newsletter
And yet, there is little traction and results are disappointing.
Your marketing expenses look more like costs than investments delivering returns.

That's because what looks easy isn't always.

I trained myself by looking every day at websites and print materials from the perspective of graphic design for more than three decades.

I know what works and what doesn't.

Your expertise is in a different field - in your business.

So no one - including yourself - can blame you for not being an expert in colour psychology, typography, F- and Z-schemes, DNS entries, finding brand names, domain registration, SEO, 301-redirects, grid vs. flex layouts, alt texts, wireframing, load time reduction, preload settings, distributed hosting, call-for-action, neomorphism, CSS, accessibility, responsiveness, user experience, interactions and animations, retina-ready images, content management systems, utility pages... and all the rest of it.
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No need to despair or settle for something below your standard

I am Ulrich Sperling, designing consultant and founder of Meticulous Graphics.

I design, build and maintain websites for freelancers, solopreneurs and small enterprises that reflect their unique strengths and set them apart from everyone else.

I do that not for, but with my clients, guiding and consulting them all the way along my tried and tested process.

I can help you, too.

The website I will build for you will

  • truly reflect you and your unique business' strengths
  • be based on a clearly defined strategy and serve measurable goals
  • meet the highest standards of availability and accessibility
  • be extremely easy to update and maintain
  • make you proud.
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My unique set of skills - and why they matter

Graphic Design

Almost every day I see valuable messages ‍go unnoticed because of the way they are presented:

  • colour combinations or poorly chosen typefaces make them hard to read,
  • secondary messages get more visual weight than the primary message,
  • visual distractions by what is meant to be decorative,
  • or simply a lack of courage to leave some space empty,

all these errors can effectively kill your message.

My mission is to help you avoid that.


What you have to say will be seen, understood, remembered and acted upon.

"Most people have no idea how influenced they are by how things look."
— John McWade

Strategy Consulting

A website can be a tool to:

  • find new clients
  • sell products and services
  • educate potential clients about your offer
  • test new services
  • accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

That's a strategic business decision. In such cases it comes handy when the web designer is also a former management strategy consultant who learned the ropes of business building at McKinsey.

Like me.


Business strategy, translated into branding, translated into web design; all from one hand.

Scientific rigour

Once business priorities have been set, words and visuals need to be aligned to support them. A convincing, logical hierarchy of messages must be established and reflected in an appealing way.

I was trained at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, to apply scientific rigour and precision in my reasoning and communication.


The visitors of your website will find it easy to follow your lines of thought.

Copy Writing

If you have heard about Myers-Briggs typology you will know that ISFJs - my 'type' - listen empathetically and think logically. In group conversations I am often the one to spot misunderstandings and to explain where they came from.

I love to choose words carefully, to express meanings precisely and to build lines of thought logically - all in the tone of voice that suits circumstances best.


I can write the entire copy text of your website as if you had said it yourself.

In English and German.

My beliefs when it comes to graphic design

Graphic Design is not about making things look nice.

It's a process of visually thinking everything through from the client's perspective.

Beauty will set in by itself.

This is what brought me here:

Always looking for the sweet spot where beauty, accuracy and clarity meet

Since 1987, when I created my first logo - for the driving school I attended at the time -, it has been my passion to understand how words, symbols, colours and typefaces work together. Soon after I bought my first books about typography and studied them front to back.

This was before desktop publishing became available. So all I could do was looking at billboards, brochures and posters, always asking myself: "How could this be made better?" Sometimes I found an answer, sometimes not.

What struck me soon was this: when messages were presented clearly and with accuracy, they looked good. When everything was jumbled, it looked messy.

As a student I began applying graphic design principles when I presented my research results and was asked by my peers to teach them how to do it. Later, as a strategy consultant, I continued refining my tools and making use of the new upcoming computer programs for digital design.

I have helped countless friends, peers and clients getting their messages across by adding structure to their thoughts and bringing the what and the how in sync, creating something beautiful.

Their gratitude is my motivation.

—Ulrich Sperling

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What Meticulous Graphics stands for

The name holds a promise
Meticulous Graphics brings it all together:
text, pictures, charts, design.

The careful choice of every word, the scientific rigour applied to figures and charts, the sense of aesthetics and beauty, all combined into a coherent message, are Meticulous Graphics' unique strength.