About Me

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photo Ulrich Sperling reading book by Doyald Young
Since 1987, when I created my first logo, it has been my passion to find the best design solutions for print and online media. I work with text, illustrations, quantitative graphics, photos and video sequences, and bring them together in reports, flyers, posters, business cards, magazines, brochures, presentations and websites.

I acquired most of my design skills through observation, analysis and imitation, but also through many courses, from books, and by following great designers online. Some of my most important teachers were John McWade, Von Glitschka, and Doyald Young.
My background is in natural sciences (Ph.D. in biochemistry), but I also worked (and still work) in various management and consulting positions. My wife is an amazing Creativity Coach and inspiring artist. With my friends I practice Kyudo (Japanese Zen archery), a centuries-old tradition of meditation. When I find the time, I like helping out in our first aid club or kneading the dough for a good home-baked bread.

I look at the world around me from many different angles, constantly collecting inspiration and sharpening my graphic design tools.

—Ulrich Sperling

Graphic design is non-verbal communication

Verbal communication is all around us. We read and hear words and sentences all the time. We consciously think in words and sometimes dream in words.

Even so, many things can be said without words; and for other things we have no words with which to express them. Music and the behaviour of animals are just two examples of non-verbal communication in its many forms that have always fascinated me. Graphic design is another. Good typography, layout and other design techniques can add a voice to a verbal or numerical message. Ideally, a voice that sings finely tuned along with your copy text.

G. Mahler 6ht symphony music sheet
poster on wall with quote from John McWade Most people have no idea how influenced they are by how things look