About Me

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photo Ulrich Sperling reading book by Doyald Young
Since 1987, when I created my first logo, it has been my passion to find the best design solutions for print and online media. I work with text, illustrations, quantitative graphics, photos and video sequences, and bring them together in reports, flyers, posters, business cards, magazines, brochures, presentations and websites.

I acquired most of my design skills through observation, analysis and imitation, but also through many courses, from books, and by following great designers online. Some of my most important teachers were John McWade, Ran Segall, Von Glitschka, and Doyald Young.
My background is in natural sciences (Ph.D. in biochemistry, hence the pipette), but I also worked (and still work) in various management and consulting positions. My wife is an amazing Creativity Coach and inspiring artist. With my friends I practice Kyudo (Japanese Zen archery), a centuries-old tradition of meditation. When I find the time, I like helping out in our first aid club or kneading the dough for a good home-baked bread.

I look at the world around me from many different angles, constantly collecting inspiration and sharpening my graphic design tools.

—Ulrich Sperling

What Meticulous Graphics' approach can do for you

Visual communication is all-around nowadays.

To stand out you must not scream louder than the others, but speak with more clarity. When you do that—and you can with my help—your message will arrive. It will be seen, noticed, understood and remembered.

Meticulous Graphics was created out of the passion for the small details that can make a huge difference in graphic design. A different typeface to create a more trustworthy appearance, a simpler lay-out for a more pleasant viewing experience, a different chart type for a clearer statement of facts, a different colour saturation for better contrast and readability.


  • correct spelling, labels, formulae, etc.
  • logical sequence of statements
  • precise alignment of elements
  • specific
  • valid
  • unambigious


  • carefully chosen typefaces
  • balanced colour schemes
  • harmonious layout proportions
  • white space to give room for breathing


clear water bottle with meticulous graphics logo
  • easy to grasp messages, both verbal and non-verbal
  • memorable illustrations
  • visual guidance through hierarchies of information
See 'Services' for a list of products that I can design for you this way

About our Name

Oxford Christchurch College with quote from Oxford dictionary on 'meticulous': showing great attention to details, very careful and precise.

The name holds a promise

Meticulous Graphics brings it all together: text, pictures, charts, design. The careful choice of every word, the scientific rigour applied to figures and charts, the sense of aesthetics and beauty, all combined into a coherent message, are Meticulous Graphics' unique strength.