How so?
Such as...?
Who is that?
What do you mean by 'great'?

I design and build great websites*
for freelancers and small enterprises
to help them reach their goals faster.

* and other materials as needed

Why Choose Meticulous Graphics

Business & Design

A website is a website.
And it takes a graphic designer to sketch and build one.

But a website can and should be much more. It can be a tool to:
- find new clients
- sell products and services
- educate potential clients about your offer
- test new services
- accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

That's a strategic business decision. In such cases it comes handy when the web designer is also a former management strategy consultant who learned the ropes of business building at McKinsey. Like me.

Business strategy, translated into branding, translated into web design; all from one hand.
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Science & Design

What's more, once business priorities have been set, words and visuals need to be aligned to support them. A convincing, logical hierarchy of messages must be established and reflected in appealing.

I was trained at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, to apply scientific rigour and precision. The visitors of your website will benefit from that when it's easy for them to follow your lines of thought.

In addition, my design skills and solid scientific understanding enable me to create charts, infographics and scientific posters without compromising the accuracy of the content or the appeal of its design.
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What others are saying about my work

“That's exactly what I wanted. I really love it.”
Private client
“I love it—very clear visual. You are brilliant.”
F. P.
World Bank Group
“Your wisdom regarding these programs is truly impressive: you always knew the answer, no matter what the issue was... incredibly valuable!”
World Organization for Animal Health
“Professional service with a personal touch.”
Private client
“Looks great. Extremely well done.”
The TAFS forum