The name holds a promise

Meticulous Graphics brings it all together: text, pictures, charts, design. The careful choice of every word, the scientific rigour applied to figures and charts, the sense of aesthetics and beauty, all combined into a coherent message, are Meticulous Graphics' unique strength.
Oxford Christchurch College with quote from Oxford dictionary on 'meticulous': showing great attention to details, very careful and precise.
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What Meticulous Graphics can do for you

Visual communication is all-around nowadays.

To stand out you must not scream louder than the others, but speak with more clarity. When you do that—and you can with my help—your message will arrive. It will be seen, noticed, understood and remembered.

Meticulous Graphics was created out of the passion for the small details that can make a huge difference in graphic design. A different typeface to create a more trustworthy appearance, a simpler lay-out for a more pleasant viewing experience, a different chart type for a clearer statement of facts, a different colour saturation for better contrast and readability.


  • correct spelling, labels, formulae, etc.
  • logical sequence of statements
  • precise alignment of elements
  • specific
  • valid
  • unambigious


  • carefully chosen typefaces
  • balanced colour schemes
  • harmonious layout proportions
  • white space to give room for breathing


clear water bottle with meticulous graphics logo
  • easy to grasp messages, both verbal and non-verbal
  • memorable illustrations
  • visual guidance through hierarchies of information
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Why Choose Meticulous Graphics

Words & Visuals

Most graphic designers will ask you to provide the finished copy text for your print or online project so that they may simply ‘design’ it, i.e. work on the level of typography and lay-out. Most editors, by contrast, will simply proofread and edit your text, at best giving it a logical structure and coherent style. Meticulous Graphics offers all of the above and more as a one-stop provider and can thus ensure consistency between content and design.
Words & Visuals

Science & Design

In addition, my design skills and solid scientific understanding enable me to create charts, infographics and scientific posters without compromising the accuracy of the content or the appeal of its design.
Words & Visuals

What others are saying about my work

“That's exactly what I wanted. I really love it.”
Private client
“I love it—very clear visual. You are brilliant.”
F. P.
World Bank Group
“Your wisdom regarding these programs is truly impressive: you always knew the answer, no matter what the issue was... incredibly valuable!”
World Organization for Animal Health
“Professional service with a personal touch.”
Private client
“Looks great. Extremely well done.”
The TAFS forum